The Actors

If you've ever wondered "who is that sexy beast?" and desperately tried to scour the end titles for the names, only to have them cruelly cut short or shrunk to infinitesimal size, then your prayers have been answered.

The Regulars
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Brian Downey plays Stanley Tweedle

Xenia Seeberg plays Xev Bellringer

Michael McManus plays Kai

Eva Habermann played Zev

Jeffrey Hirschfeld plays 790 and
appears in Eating Pattern

Tom Gallant plays the voice of Lexx
(English-speaking version)

Louise Wischermann plays Lyekka

Dieter Laser plays Mantrid


Lex Gigeroff played His Shadow, and a multitude of characters in Series 2 and 3

Patricia Zentilli played Laleen in
Wake the Dead, sang in Brigadoom and plays Bunny in Series 3

Nigel Bennett plays Prince in Series 3

Ellen Dubin played Gigerotta in Season 1 and Queen in Series 3
Jeff Pustil appeared in Luvliner (2.4) and plays Fifi in Series 3

Guest Stars

Lexx can already boast more guest stars than Friends, The Simpsons and Cheers put together. OK, well maybe not that many, but still a veritable smorgasbord of acting talent has swept past our eyes in the last 3 series:

  • 1.1 - I Worship His Shadow: Barry Bostwick played Thodin
  • 1.2 - Supernova: Tim Curry played Poet Man
  • 1.3 - Eating Pattern: Rutger Hauer played Bog, Doreen Jacobi played Wist
  • 1.4 - Gigashadow: Malcolm McDowell played Yottskry
  • 2.7 - White Trash: Maury Chaykin played Pa
  • 3.3 & 3.4: Ralph Brown played Duke