The Beans

The Supreme Beans...a force known and feared throughout the two universes.
For these are the creators of the monster that we know as...Lexx...

But who are they?

Paul Donovan

Paul Donovan studied physics at Dalhousie University in Canada prior to graduating from the London Film School in 1978.

In 1982 Paul wrote and co-directed Siege, a $250,000 thriller that was distributed in the US by New Line and overseas by Manson International. Siege won both Best Script and the Critics prize at the 1984 Paris Festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy Films.

In 1984 Paul wrote and directed Def-Con 4, which was distributed by New World Pictures.

In 1987, Paul directed The Squamish 5, a CBC Television movie, which was aired in November 1988. The Squamish 5 played around the world on the film festival circuit and won the 1989 Canadian "Gemini" Award for Best Television Movie.

In 1989 Mr. Donovan directed George's Island a children's fantasy film which was distributed by Astral in Canada, New Line in the US and J&M Entertainment internationally. George's Island was chosen as Best Children's Feature at the 1990 Chicago Film Festival.

In 1992 Mr Donovan directed Buried on Sunday, which was distributed by Alliance Releasing. In 1992, Paul wrote and directed the thriller Tomcat for Republic Pictures and he also directed Life with Billy a made for television movie commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Life with Billy won the Golden Gate Award for Best Television Movie at the 1994 San Francisco International Film Festival and the awards for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director at the 1994 Gemini awards. 1992 also saw the publication of Paint Cans, a novel written by Mr Donovan. IN 1993 Paul produced the film version of Paint Cans, which was released theatrically in 1994.

In 1995 to the present Mr Donovan co-produced with Germany a sci-fi mini television series called Lexx. It has since become a full length series television show and has been purchased by over 100 countries around the world.

Lex Gigeroff

Lex is head writer (along with Paul Donovan) of Lexx. Lex has also been a script consultant for This Hour has 22 minutes, and is currently writing the feature film Unterstadat (with Jeffrey Hirschfield) for Filmwerk Berlin.

Lex was also co-writer (with Jeffrey Hirschfield) of El Mundo Del Lundo, and one of the show's five writer/performers. Lex also plays the role of the anti-hero Lundo, whose mission in life is to bring high art to the world in the form of his videos.

As an actor, Lex has extensive experience on stage, radio, television and film. (The Real Howard Spitz, Love and Death on Long Island, Paint Cans and Lexx.)