Lexx Invades DragonCon2003

DragonCon2003 Brian and a Xena, does he look happy or what?

Thursday started off by getting up at 6am to drive my son to his grandparents house so that Tree and I could have the whole weekend free.  We got back in town around 11:00 a.m. and decided to take a nap while waiting for last minute calls and emails from Frey and Mothbreeder. Brian's flight
was to come in just after three. so I was worried when by four Mothbreeder had not yet arrived  and I had not received a call from Brian.  So I called Mothbreeder, who I found was running behind schedule a bit due to a several traffic snarl ups. Moth assured me that the flight should be in, so Todd and I made haste to the airport.

DragonCon2003 No matter where he goes that evil robot head follows! At the airport we looked around the baggage claim area for Brian. Then  my cell phone rang and out came Brian's voice. "We're on the Delta Side."  We're????  I drove my car rather than my van since Brian was supposedly coming in by himself on Thursday. Big surprise!!! Here come Brian, Jeff and Patty and Bailey walking down the hall. Hugs and greetings or handed out and small talk about the craziness of the passed week. We made our way to the car but had a space problem. Todd helped by taking the Marta bus to the Marriott where he and I were to meet up with  Mothbreeder when he made it into town.  Anyhow, I made arrangements with Todd to meet him at the Marriott after the cast had checked in the hotel. And away we went.

Or not. Just when things where going well, Atlanta traffic had to step in. We got stuck in a two hours traffic jam. We made jokes to pass the time  and chatted about other things like Mike and Xenia . DragonCon2003 HDS/Captin Jack and an adoring fan! After we finally made it to their hotel, the cast checked in and wanted to grab some grub. So we headed to a near by Cracker Barrel. (Ed. Note.. Oh no! You didn't actually take them to Cracker Barrel did you!!!! How cruel!) This was the first time the cast has ever eaten at a Cracker Barrel, so they got some good home cooked meals. Tree and my brother Giggashadow met up with us at CB and joined the fest.

After dinner we went all headed back to my place to pick up a few things, like the van and a VCR and a laptop for the web cam.  Brian admired my collection of guitars and recording gear. Jeff looked at my Genesis video collection, I thought was very cool that he was a Genesis fan too. Patty was
surprised to see a MOTU828 DAW system that her boyfriend uses to record with in my rack. So we talked about recording and Brian strummed a tune on my Ovation. But.time was running short and we had to set the tables up for the next day so off the Marriot!

Arriving at the Marriot we met up with Mothbreeder, Todd, Dishroomprincess and Prima. (Ed. Note: Who had been waiting a bit since the authorization to sign for the table had been passed to HDS after Lloyd had become sick)  We unloaded the vans and made it just in time to get things ready for Friday. Except for the wireless web thing, this was canceled as the Marriot wanted to charge $295.00 a day for a Lan/wireless connection. Can you say shake down! :D

After setting up, we all headed to Champions Bar for second dinner and drinks. We didn't stay long as it was getting late and people were tired from flying/driving. On the drive Tree left the radio on the oldies station. A Beatles song came on and prompted Brian and I to sing along. Patty joined in as DragonCon2003 Friday night party Kroudelka and Jeff. Jeff is wondering, where did she get the hat??!!? well. Then the next song. it was most funny ;)

Friday, DragonCon! We woke at get me into my Jack Sparrow outfit and be ready to meet up with the cast at their hotel. Having two vans, mine and Moth's was a god send for transporting people around. We arrived at DragonCon and began our day of fun and merriment! After picking up badges we got the table in order. The doors to the exhibitor's hall opened and people poured in the room. Unexpectedly, Capt Jack turned to be very much in demand, so I made for the main floor so as not to annoy anyone at the Cast Table.

Once out on the main floor I was stopped at every turn taking photos with people and mobbed by the ladies ;). A lot of posts have been written about me being a media slut so I won't go into much detail as this isn't about me but about Lexx. But I can tell you I felt like a star! I got propositioned many times and hit on to boot, my butt was grabbed and everything ;) Cap'n Jack Sparrow was a hit! It was most DragonCon2003 First Season Xev and Mike_L at the Friday night bar hop. Who is this fan? fun!

Time warping!!!  Friday Night, I managed to make my way to Champions Bar where the Lexxian gathering was taking  place. I was tired, so it's hard for me to remember everyone's names which I messed up many times when there. I'm sure Frey can help me out. Bebop, Koudelka, Goblinmoon, Dp, Mothbreeder, Frey, Mandara K, Jhvez, Brian, Jeff, Patty and the list goes on and that's where my memory of names leaves me =p (Ed. Note: Also Aleck, Ben, Dee, lizard, PrimaNW, Vandaria, jkd112, Strytlr, Gotham Muse, Mike-L, grimepoch, thegman7, Leigh, GoblinBabe, ILyekkaKai, Valdron, FX, Trini and I am sure I missed a person or two.)

Everybody was having a good time, drinking and chatting  laughing it up. Patty was busting a move DragonCon2003 Friday night party as well as Bebop. It went on for a bit despite our tables being in front of several huge loud speakers. I started fading at midnight , as I had only had four hours of sleep the night before. Brian was keen to this and said to let me know when we need to depart. I think it was around 1:00 a.m. when we gave in and said our good byes. After arriving at the hotel, we talked for about a hour more then finally headed for home so to rest up for another day at DragonCon.

Saturday morning was just like Friday, get up put on costume pick up cast head to con. I didn't stay at the Lexx table for long as before and headed for the Lexx fan table  to hang out with the Lexxians there with Tree in tow. More Jack Sparrow photo shoots begins! But not before saying hello
and giving a hug to Louise who had just flown in from New York . She had been up for two days! What a trooper!

Hundreds of fans appeared for the Lexx Cast panel on Saturday afternoon. Patrick fielded questions and worked the fan mike for the panel. Many fun stories were shared by the cast, and a few gentle DragonCon2003 the Ususal suspects chatting and people watching at the Lexx Fan table in the Lobby Area jokes made concerning the missing panel members. But with Brian and Jeff on one end holding court, the ladies had a hard time getting a word in sideways! But they were all great about answering our questions and the ladies especially sparkled. :D

Time Warp!!! -  Saturday Night is alright for Jack and for the loads of Lexxians! The cast and con crew meet up at Champions for some dinner and drinks. Good thing this place is in the hotel!

Around 8pm the Little Blue Planet bash is gearing up to start. People head for Grandstand which floats over over the main lobby of the Marriott. It was a beautiful room with amazing view. The party started Chris showing a pilot  episode featuring Ellen.  (Ed. Note: Chris "Doc" Wyatt who worked on
the production side of a film that Ellen just finished called NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and was showing us a pilot episodes of a cable talk show he produced called CINEMA BIZARRO where Ellen and Xenia Seeberg appeared in an episode apiece. Unfortunately we had VHS facilities and DragonCon2003 the  Cast at the first panel.... the one people could get into. ;D he has a DVD in a laptop with a limited battery and short power cord.. Sigh)  Anyhow the room
quickly filled, and I mingled and chatted up everyone with in arms length.

The party was held on a balcony overlooking the main lobby of the Marriott. It was a beautiful room with amazing view.  The party started Chris showing a pilot episode featuring Ellen.  (Ed. Note:
Chris "Doc" Wyatt who worked on the production side of a film that Ellen just finished called NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and was showing us a pilot episodes of a cable talk show he produced called CINEMA BIZARRO  where Ellen and Xenia Seeberg appeared in an episode apiece. Unfortunately we had VHS facilities and he has a DVD in a laptop with a limited battery and short
power cord.. Sigh)  Anyhow the room quickly filled, and I mingled and chatted up everyone with in arms length.

The party lasted for hours. We talked, drank, snacked, watched videos from Brian and Jeff and generally had a great time. Valdron gave Brian a bound copy of his book, which we all wished we could have snitched for ourselves.. :D and Alex brought us lots of stuff from Acorn media as door DragonCon2003 Kardtrick, celebrates his Birthday at the Little Blue Planet Bash prizes. I mean lots and lots of neat stuff. We got T-shirts, DVD's, posters, sample card packs,
post cards and more. There  was enough for everyone to get a great prize. Thank you Acorn and thanks to Alex for bringing it to us and convincing his company to be so generous. Anyhow, we all talked and partied until well after they shut down the bar at midnight . Everyone seemed to have a great time mingling with their fellow Lexxians and the cast.

Sunday, once again put on the Jack and head to the con. Wash rinse repeat. As before spent most my day around the Lexx fan club table and floating between the Hyatt and the Marriot taking pics and meeting people. Tree was in her Xev costume and went  to the panels, she was a little late
and walked in to Brian saying "The lovely Xenia Seeberg" Tree was most happy. Of course one sad thing was people being blocked from entering the Hyatt right before the panel due to crowd problems with 'Spike' from Buffy. The people already in the Hyatt, could with much effort make it to the panel, but you could not get in from the Marriott.

Later that day  the cutie pie Koudelka put on Tree's Xev costume and Tree put on a Stanley costume. They had some fun with that, but I didn't get to see the switch =p. They switched back later so to get ready for Brigadoom.

DragonCon2003 Pat and Dee Saturday night.Cap'n Jack Sparrow was a little late for Brigadoom because he was meeting and greeting everyone at the bar in the Hyatt ;) *flash*flash* blind! I finally got the Brigadoom! We took are parts and the dvd started. Now I'm no MM but I am Cap'n Jack so I did what Jack would do and completely get silly with the Kai part. Falling and adding parts in and even carrying the lovely Bebop around the room after the love song. What's a pirate to do!? I mean I was touched by Koudelka first off! After Brigadoom we said our good byes to everyone and headed for the Hyatt hall bar! Well Cap'n Jack did anyways ;) Party it up with everyone at the bar even the guy who played Chewy from StarWars. I was asked to be in the Rocky Horror Show but couldn't because I had to get Tree home for work. I was also asked to come to the press party in the penthouse atop the Marriott but again couldn't =(. What can I say, Cap'n Jack was the life of the party ;) But alas I had to go.

Monday, no costume! Ack! No Jack! Ack! No girls! Well not really. I got to the con dress as just plan old HDS. At the time it was just me, Mothbreeder, DP, Prima and Brian. I was sitting down still DragonCon2003 Patrick of American Sci-Fi fame at the Little Blue Planet party sleepy and a beautiful girl come up to me and asked if I would sign at Jack Sparrow poster and some photos! I have a fan! So I signed and talked with her and we stepped out for some lunch. Just as I was leaving Brian gave me the "You  dog" hand shake ;). Nothing happened only lunch! Such nasty thoughts!

Five o'clock came around and it was time to close up the table and hit the bar once more! Brian, Jeff and Patty joined us and we chatted about everything for good time from Lexx to Kilts. Time was getting late and sadly it was time to go. First Patty then Jeff, said their good byes. Brian on the
other hand got us all in a circle and pretended to light the peace pipe which we passed around for friendship and for good heated people. A lady came into our circle and said "Hello, I'm Chase.". Now seeing a joke in the name I said "Do you get chased often?" and then she asked how we like
DragonCon. We all said what we thought and the good byes continued. After we left the bar I was told that the lady named Chase was in fact Chase Masters from Deepspace9! What can I say? I not much of a Trekkie!

This is Cap'n Jack errrr. HDS signing off!

DragonCon2003 Fx chats with the Painted Lady!Photo's by Mike_L, theBrother and theFrey

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DragonCon2003 Mike_L and Krodelka on Sunday







DragonCon2003 Mike_L, Tree and Bebop on Sunday Morning