Lexx Fans Do MegaCon 2003

by HDS

MegaCon 2003: Who is this person? And what relation does he have to our own Brian Downey?

Well letís just say nothings perfect.

The trip started Thursday with dropping off the small heathen with his granparents and then an eight hour drive from Atlanta. We rolled the moth into Orlando around four in the afternoon. After unloading and settling in we hit the bar by the pool of our hotel, "The Castle." Half way in to my margarita Patricia and Louise walked up, Patricia had her hair in pig tails and Louise was wrapped in a bandana. We exchanged greetings and they were off to get some food at a near by resturant called Cafť Tu Tu Tango. We joined them for lunch and just talked about life and Megacon. (Ed. Note: Helllooooooooo what about life??? Inquiring minds want to know.)

Brianís plane came in late Thursday night, so there wasnít much time to hang out and chat with him. Later Brian said he had a rather unnerving flight with problems checking in his baggage and people sending him to the wrong place.

MegaCon 2003: HDS is such a whinner.... this line is nothing to the cattle run at DragonCon if you wait too long to get your tickets.

Friday, Megacon!

Well I can tell you Megacon was not as well put together as Dragoncon or any other con Iíve been to. We had paid for advanced tickets to avoid standing in any long lines, well so we thought. Advanced tickets means you get to stand in the long advanced ticket line. Unlike Dragoncon where you can get your ticket and just go right on in. (Ed Note: Hey, I stood in a line at Dragon con!) Lucky for us we spotted Brian, Patty and Louise at a java stand, we went out side and had a smoke and talked about the silliness of the conís practices. After telling Brian about the Megaline we followed him to the entrance. Being that it was one minute until the doors opened they let us in when Brian laughingly told them we were his body guards.

MegaCon 2003: Two of the lovely ladies of Lexx, looking bright eyed and busy tailed. :D MegaCon 2003: Pat Zentilli in a pair of Bunny Ears that Mothbreeder gave her.

Upon getting to the Lexx table we are greeted with smiles from the lovely Louise and Patricia. Two of the nicest people youíll ever meet!

MegaCon 2003: Louise W answering a question, while her Zentelliness mugs for the camera

MegaCon 2003: Captain Stan! Stan! and only Stan!

Brian gets settled in to start greeting the fans and a long day of signing. But it didnít faze the actors; they often got out from behind the tables and gave out a fair share of hugs and photo takings for anyone who asked.

MegaCon 2003: Do I look happy or what? MegaCon 2003: Okay, not as happy here, I mean Brian is cute and all... but happy to meet the crew at last!

Here I am being the ham, getting goofy and getting some photos of me with the cast before the crowd came in.

Unfortunately Xenia was not put next to her fellow cast members, but was on the other side of the hall. So we made our way over to her table. Xenia was looking good as always and was signing away. They were playing her new CD single over the loud speakers. Accompaning Xenia was Ex-Beach boy and Dr. Fred Bell.  She and I talked about her cd and about the Saturday party. She was a real joy to talk to.

MegaCon 2003: Ms. Seeberg at her booth at the other end of the hall MegaCon 2003: Ms. Seeberg on Friday afternoon MegaCon 2003: Come on... tell the truth. Who is prettier here?

Later on we met up with Manowar from the board. He was a really great guy and pretty funny to hang with. We did some costume watching together.... whoo hooo. I think Manowar was having camera problems, so I took some photos for him.

MegaCon 2003: Manowar unmasked at last! MegaCon 2003: Manowar and Ms. Seeberg

MegaCon 2003: Brian and Xenia over at the Lexx Booths, Notice Pet's Pin up poster being displayed with pride. MegaCon 2003: Brian and Xenia over at the Lexx Booths, Brian adjusting his glasses.... is it the coat? MegaCon 2003: Brian, Xenia and Pat pose for the fans MegaCon 2003: Xenia and Louise share a quiet moment

Later that day Xenia came by the Lexx table, aww how sweet, a Lexx reunion. :)

MegaCon 2003: Brian meets one of his Dragon Con Stand ins

Tweedles meet! My friend Pete who I first saw at last years Dragon Con meets Brian. See, I told you Pete was a good likeness. :D

Saturday Night Party!

Well I was a bit under the weather from something that was being passed around. But since I was not really dead, I put on my dead man's costume and help setup for the party. Apparently, the dead do parties :D By about 7:30, people were hanging around the bar waiting for the actors and the party to start.

Brian came with a bunch of stuff for the silent auction and to give away. Then Patty and Louise showed up looking stunning as ever. (Ed. Note; Ms. W's dress was stunning and matched her complexion to a t.) Then Brian handing out cards with numbers on the back, if your number was called then you won a T shirt.

Then to break the ice, Brian started a Q & A session. I won't go into much detail on that as it was filmed, but they were very funny and we were all laughing up a storm and asking all sorts of questions. For the record though... Ms. Z said the Xev kiss was a lot of fun, while Brian claims Kai needed to shave before he went around snogging anyone. About twenty or thirty minutes into the questions, Xenia showed up in a lovely outfit. After the Q&A everybody was mingling around the room getting to know everyone. I had some really nice chats with fellow lexxians. And got to meet FX, theFrey's fellow Lexx moderator from I also talked to James (Mothbreeder) who is Patty's webadmin. He and his party were a lot of fun too. I got to pull a "Wake the Dead Kai" on one of his guests when I decided that it was time to de-bun and de-braid.

Here is the lovely Xenia standing next to the Xev costume that I made :-) She said it was very much like her's but the material was stiffer and brighter from not being cleaned as often. Most of the party was filmed so be on the look out for that later. Around one a.m. it was time to say good bye, with hugs from everyone. A good time was had by all! - HDS 03-03-2003 (Run mouse over the pictures to see the captions)

MegaCon 2003: Hey!!! Were did you pervs get one of my outfits?!?  :D MegaCon 2003: Xenia, Louise, Brian and Pat with me, their Kai stand in.